Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Pensieve #5

Do you ever think "What the f*ck am I doing?"?

~ This blog is a movie blog, and movies are a big interest of mine, and that's why I created this blog. Nevertheless, it's the 6th of february already, and I've only seen two movies this month. It's just really hard to either:
 - stop watching Doctor Who
 - stop reading Anna Karenina
 - find time for anything beside my social life, school and my job
PLUS I find it really hard to take the time to concentrate on a movie right now. Perhaps the Kubrick obsession and the Oscar obsession took all power from me, also because there were a lot of mediocre and tiring movies connected with these.

Aha, I'm still obsessed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

~ Tumblr is pretty cool... I mean, I could look at this gif forever. In case you noticed, I changed the sidebar a little and added a link of my own brandnew tumblr. Yeah, I used to think that was the last thing I'd ever do.

~ Same for blogathons, but in case you noticed too, I started one myself. To read more, click on the picture in the sidebar or on this link. And please, please, please join. 

~ Only one more week until The Perks of Being a Wallflower is out on DVD! Getting ready for the big night, listening to Heroes

~ Apropos; HOW COULD HE? I'm talking about Bowie of course. And his crappy, wannabe-profound, stupid new song about Berlin.

With that, I give the word to my fellow bloggers (sadly I deleted some of the posts I read, so there aren't many here):

Liam Underwood shares Five long takes in movies - a technique that can either be awesome (Hunger) or boring (Amour).

Veracious talks about the 2012 Bollywood movies she watched in January.

I read a lot of other great posts, but as I said, can't find them again :(


  1. Never stop Doctor Who!!!!!
    I will hopefully join your blogathon- excited :D

    1. As if that's even an option :)
      Hope you'll join.

  2. I am very pleased that you did not apologise for having only seen two movies so far. When I started reading this, it reminded me of yur lengthy apology post from last year, and my response was the same now as then - never apologise for having a life. Your blog is your blog. You not owe your readers any quota of content, and the content that you do deliver is always appreciated as a spontaneous expression of your free will, as in the masterly snubathon post. Once a sense of obligation creeps in, it would stop being fun for you, and that could only lead to it eventually not being fun for us, your readers, too. Make the most of your timey-wimey, wibbly wobbly stuff by doing what makes you happy, even if that means watching fewer than one movie per day. :)

    1. What you're saying here is something I realized a while ago, actually around the time I wrote that post you're talking about.
      And it's one of the most important lessons I've ever learned, which is also why I'm not apologizing - just keeping my readers updated :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! :)

    Doctor Who is amazing. I often find my desire to watch movies comes and goes. Oftentimes I find myself just wanting to settle down into a good TV show as hour long or half hour long episodes are easier to digest. Even watching two episodes which are one hour long back to back doesn't really feel like the chore that watching a two hour long movie can feel like!

    1. Same for me - although I can get tired of watching shows too. Like right now, I want to watch some movies after finishing Doctor Who season 3.


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