Monday, January 13, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR + Anticipating 2014

With the new year being only 13 days of age by now, I don't think I'm stretching it by posting my end-of-year post only now. Am I? Don't worry, I'll keep the celebrations short.

Movie-count: 239
Book-count: 34

Not bad, definitely not bad, there's always room for improvement. One thing I'd like to do - or rather need to do - is to watch more movies from 1900 - 1979. This year, I saw 10 or less movies for each of these seven decades and less than five for five of them! I haven't checked my movies for countries but I'm pretty sure about 80 or more percent of them are from the US or the UK - another thing I want to change. It's been a bad year for Indian movies for me too - most of them I watched at the film festival. This is something I want to try to change. Otherwise, the new year is all open. I definitely want to finish watching Supernatural and then dip my toes into either Mad Men or Breaking Bad (help?). Book-wise, I want to read more non-fiction, poetry and short stories. I have the feeling that YA Dystopian fiction is very overexposed, at least in the internet book-loving society, and I don't like following that trend blindly anymore. 

Apart from those plans, I'm looking forward to watching these movies in particular in 2014:

9. The Fault in Our Stars
I have never seen a Shailene Woodley film or read a John Green novel - it's merely the faith that I have in other people's opinions that makes me anticipate this film so much. But anyone who has read this book so far has told me to shut up and read this book. So I think that's what I'll do once I'm finished with 1700 pages of Sherlock Holmes.

8. Posh
All I needed was the title of this film. When I found out that Lone Scherfig was directing it, Sam Claflin was starring in it and that it was about the Oxford University, I didn't have anything else to wish for.

7. The Hobbit: There and Back Again
The 'end' of the LOTR franchise (well, there's always The Simarillion to make three more movies out of), will hopefully be just as spectacular as Return of the King. And this time, I will be there when it happens.

6. Mockingjay - Part I
Although I'm a little disappointed in the decision to make this a two-parter, I have high hopes for Mockingjay. Catching Fire set high expectations though and a lot of people have problems with the book that is Mockingjay. We'll see.

5. Transcendence
Perhaps the trailer wasn't as great on second watch, but I'm very curious for this Sci-Fi film that focusses on Singularity, a topic I've been interested in for a long time. It also has Johnny Depp looking normal-ish so that's exciting.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
Remember me taking that crazy Wes Anderson marathon last year after I had fallen head over heels in love with Moonrise Kingdom? Well, no surprise then that I can't wait to see his latest movie. And at any rate, how often do we get a movie set in gorgeous Eastern Europe?

3. Interstellar
Anyone who has been frustrated by the flawed, spoiler-filled, unnecessary trailers that are currently filling most of the time before the movie you go to watch at the theater, this teaser is like a unicorn of hope sent from cinema heaven. To say that it intrigued me would be an absolute underestimation. Also, the combination of Nolan, McConnaughey and Chastain is insane.

2. How To Catch a Monster
Ryan Gosling directs a movie that stars Matt Smith and Saoirse Ronan. Questions? ... As a person who types 'How To [insert random thing everybody knows how to do except me]' into Google every second day, I also highly approve of the title. Hopefully we'll find out how to do it so I can finally get my hands on that ghost under my bed.

1. The LEGO Movie
Should I be concerned about this movie topping my Most Anticipated of 2014 list? I don't care. This is the best, I repeat; the best trailer I have seen since The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It's hilarious, inventive and jam-packed with pop-culture. "Everything is awesome, awesome, aweeeesoooome".


  1. Probably up there with you on reading more non-fiction, poetry and short stories, too. All the books I've clocked up so far are comics this year, so hopefully I'll have time to read the stacks of unread books that I already have at home. Saying that, though, there is that near 300 book/comic list on Amazon that I still need to slowly, but surely, get through. Funds will definitely stop me from that, that's for sure! (Added you on Goodreads btw, didn't know you had an account until now - I only use it for listing my books though, not necessarily for adding people even if I did know others with an account.)

    All the way with you there on The Hobbit - can't wait for the final addition. Funnily enough, The Fault in Our Stars is a book I really tried to like - pretty much with all of John Green's books - but could never understand the love for it. which I think was really ruined - for me - when the ending rolled round. I really like his conversational writing when it comes to dialogue with Green's work, but everything else just slides by, and sometimes falls into the deathly trap of the stereotype that surrounds young adult fiction (or books geared at that market), which I know lots of people would disagree with me on.

    Posh I know about because it was a film I worked on before leaving my previous full-time job, and How to Catch a Monster - I hope - will be awesome because I LOVE the idea behind it, and I'm always up for something fantasy related in films, or any medium really.

    1. I forgot to add comics, actually! I haven't read many yet but what I have read was awesome. And manga, I used to only read manga but I sort of got out of the habit. I accepted your request :) Love seeing what other people read, I guess that's my idea of voyeurism (instead of watching reality tv).

      Hum, I'm very very curious what I'll think about John Green. But I've heard he's not as stereotypically YA as many other authors.

      Oh, that's awesome to hear! I hope it turns out well without you involved ;)

  2. "his teaser is like a unicorn of hope sent from cinema heaven." - I LOL way too hard at that statement. I'm so excited for Interstellar.

  3. Impressive numbers Mette!

    Agreed with The Fault in Our Stars and the Grand Budapest Hotel! I actually liked to read the book first too. Posh sounds good, hmmm. Well you know I love Mad Men, but I can't say anything about Breaking Bad since I've only seen a couple of episodes.

    I've been starting some shows too, like huge marathons because I need something to accompany me in my never-ending study sessions. I finished Scandal and Suits, not sure where to go next either! Where are you with Supernatural?

    1. Thanks :) I'm definitely satisfied with them, I'm not the person that wants to watch 500 movies in a year or read 100 books. Although there's nothing wrong with that of course.

      The thing is, it's hard to read all the books. I guess mayb 50% of all movies are based on books so really, it's impossible. But that one is short so I'll read it before. I know, yes... so maybe I'll watch that first?

      I've still only finished season 1... This month I don't have to study *that* much so I can catch up on 2013 movies and stuff. But yeah, when you study, tv is much better. So I'll start Supernatural again next month I think.

    2. Give Mad Men a try, if you like the first few episodes you're good, because it only gets better, more... eventful.

      I'm anxious to see if you like the upcoming seasons of Supernatural! The dynamic between the two actors will only get better and better. By season 9 it's like they're brothers in real life, it's incredible. And there's some fantastic episodes ahead, too.

      You're probably not interested in reading this much about (they're very long) it yet, but Sheila O'Malley has written some awesome things about Jensen Ackles/Dean and the themes in the pilot episode.
      Here's the article on Dean:
      And the one about the pilot:

    3. I will, certainly. Don't know how long it'll take me to finish Supernatural but I'm guessing I'll start Mad Men some time in spring or so.

      And yes, I am, I love it when people recommend articles to me :D. I'll read that tomorrow, I always have lots of time on mondays.


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