Monday, February 10, 2014


This so-called blog is turning into a big platform of self-promoting other things I spend my precious blogging time on. But maybe these news will make you forgive me a little for the recent (ahem) abandonment of the film critic side of me. I...


... OPENED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL WITH MY SISTER! Like most people of our generation, we spend way too much time on the YouTube, watching everything from Old Spice ads to booktube hauls and song spoofs. Our channel is hopefully going to be just as diversely flavoured as our viewing habits (it has nothing to do with us being an undecided mess). But you can get an impression of what it's going to be like in our first video.

Due to our lack of a vault full of Galleons, we decided to make our poor financial status the subject of our second video which came out way later than expected. Still, it turned out better than I imagined.

So that's all we got for now, I hope you're hooked as hell and support this project by spreading the love ALL. OVER. THE PLACE. It's not like we're going to rob your house of Pringles if you don't though. Really, that's not our intention. At all. How did I even think of that?

And finally, another big announcement: I just hit the BUY button on amazon and a brand-new camcorder is on its way to our little village in Northern Germany. So make sure to subscribe in order to not miss our next absolutely awesome video.


  1. Congrats on the youtube channel, quite informative in an entertaining way! I think I'm too shy to do this kind of video thing myself.
    You mention ballet, have you seen romance movie Waterloo Bridge (1940)? Stars Vivien Leigh(actress from Gone With the Wind). She plays a ballerina.
    Shouldn't it be "We Want It All" in the text? Sorry to be the debbie downer on the spelling :)

    1. Yeah, no it's meant to be misspelled ;-) I hope people get it, it's kinda because we love Gollum and also because it plays on us being non-English natives.

      Nope, never seen that one. Sounds cool though, thanks for recommending it!


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