Sunday, February 9, 2014

TALKING (and singing) ELSEWHERE #1

Have you been craving more of my weird, funny, nasal voice ever since you listened to an episode of the Across the Universe: The Chicks With Accents podcast? Then despair no more, for here comes an extra batch of audio material for you to devour.

Most recently, I have been a guest on what has been one of my favorite podcasts right from the start, and the only one of which I have listened to each episode (well... there are only 5, including mine, but whatever). So if you want to hear me sing (if that's what you can call it), listen to We Sing Poorly #5: Beauty and the Beast.

I've also been on a few episode of the LAMBcast:

And if you need even more, there's something to look forward to with future appearances on the Matineecast on The Film Pasture.


  1. wow, you keep appearing in new podcasts, can hardly keep up. Most anticipated I missed, so I'll give that a listen soon.
    I didn't know there are podcasts with singing sections, I guess you learn something new every day :) Brave of you to sing!

    1. It's become sort of a hobby of mine. A lot of times I'll choose to listen to podcasts instead of music, too. Well, the We Sing Poorly podcast reviews musicals in song (and a bit of talk too), I love the concept of that. Hope you like the show :)

  2. LOVED it, never had this much fun listening to a podcast! And knowing these songs by heart just made it better. I'm writing a huge comment over there haha


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