Sunday, February 2, 2014


Wrapping up January 2014

Despite a slow start (my party plans were crushed by the worst jetlag I ever had), the new year started off pretty wildly. In order to make time to watch every Oscar nominated film I could possibly find, my schedule suddenly became very tight. Then I didn't have any working hours, which destroyed my plans of buying a new camera to make cool youtube videos in February. Still, we have a good one planned which actually doesn't require a good cam. Beside the films, I had to make room for Sherlock, my Harry Potter feature and the Blind Spot entry. So basically, I didn't have a life in January.


Frances Ha (2013) 9.8
So fresh, young and beautiful. Ballet + Greta Gerwig + black and white = perfection.

12 Years a Slave (2013) 6.0
So yeah, I'm the person that didn't luuuuhve 12 Years a Slave. Sue me. It was just too black and white and I loved both Hunger and Shame so much more.

Never saw that perspective in an Indian film before. It doesn't judge neither India nor Pakistan for what happened, it just shows the truth I guess.

Amazing Grace (2006) 6.0
Benedict Cumberbatch in young! Otherwise, not a great movie. It wasn't even really about the song. And the German dub sounded like porn in parts (and not even Benedict's parts).

American Hustle (2013) 8.8
I did enjoy it, I did have fun, everything was good - so yes, I give this one a high rating. BUT it's not an Oscar movie. It just isn't. Script nomination? The funniest joke I've heard in a long time.

Frozen (2013) 9.0
Let's just say for the first time in forever, a Disney film was as good as the ones I watched as a child (no, I haven't seen Princess and the Frog).

Agneepath (2012) 1.0
What a travesty. To call this one of the best Bollywood films of 2012, that's just... I can't get it into my head. The ending in itself is hilarious. Hrithik gets stabbed 248 times and then continues to live for about 15 minutes more to kill the villain.

The Act of Killing (2012/13) 9.7
Now this, this is a movie. This is something that made me think about life, humanity, society - even cinephilia - in a completely new way. 

Stoker (2013) 9.4
One of the most underrated films of 2013. Gorgeous, wonderfully written and fantastically cast.

Don Jon (2013) 8.4
So I was pretty excited for this film, and it actually turned out to be just as cool as I had thought. There was a twist that I didn't see coming... but the more I think about it, the more I love it.

Her (2013) 9.9
My favorite film of 2013 (so far, I should add, since this spot has been changed twice in the last two months).

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) 8.3
Not as great a film as a Matthew McConnaughey vehicle. Seriously, what was Jennifer Garner doing here though? And yeah, I didn't recognize Jared Leto until halfway through the film.

Cutie and the Boxer (2013) 8.5
Surprisingly, this was about love, old age and art all at the same time, and it worked.

Captain Phillips (2013) 8.5
I haven't cried that much in 5 minutes for a long time. More surprising was the reason I cried though; not for the Captain, but for Barkhad Abdi's Muse. And just Africa in general, I guess.

Blue Jasmine (2013) 8.6
So many people say Woody Allen is hit or miss, but for me, he has always been hit. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always a hit. 

Dirty Wars (2013) 7.8
Overly focussed on itself instead of its subject matter. It looked like a tv kind of 'investigation show' and the cinematography was horrible. Otherwise, the actual content was pretty interesting.

Filth (2013) 8.3
Filthy, dark and hilarious. Also, I'll never be able to look at the Moaning Myrtle the same way again after this one.

August: Osage County (2013) 7.7
Better than I had expected, very well acted and interestingly twisted. However, it felt like it lacked something. 

The Grandmaster (2013) 6.8
Stylish as always, but the story didn't really grab me. Good thing there's always Tony Leung.

La Grande Belleza (2013) 8.9
I could have marked this film as pretentious, boring and self-indulgent had it been any different. It really walked that line for me. But the fact that it managed not to fall makes me like it so much. 

The Croods (2013) 8.2
A film that I had close to zero expectations for until a friend said it wasn't at all that bad. And who would've known; it wasn't!

20 Feet From Stardom (2013) 9.0
Weirdly enough, I regard this as kind of a feel good movie. It isn't at all times, but at the end, you can't help but smile and be happy.

The Square (2013) 7.3
I wish the makers would've spent some more time editing the material and sorting out their plan with this... now it feels like they just filmed something that's all over the news because it's all over the news. Nothing new here.

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more war movies...

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) 7.4
I always knew you had it in you, Colin Farrell! And how great is Emma Thompson in this?! Anyway, if this movie did anything for me except from amusing me, it really made me want to watch Mary Poppins.

Prisoners (2013) 8.4
I still get goosebumps when I think about some of the scenes here. Unlike many, I went in actually expecting a twist but it was still pretty damn great.

Dabba / The Lunchbox (2013) 8.5
Deserves its status as one of the best Indian films of 2013. Very heart-warming. I can't believe they showed this in my town - even though it was in the artsy cinema.


Richard Harris, why did you have to go? (And seriously, what happened to Peeves?!)

Beauty and the Beast (1991) 9.0
You'll be hearing more about my opinion on this one very soon... but I won't be talking. Curious? Stay tuned.



The Immigrant (1917) 8.3
Shoved in some good old Chaplin classic right there.


Blackpool (mini serial) (2004)
Such an ingenious show. It's kind of a bizarre musical, but honestly, I've never seen anything like it, so it's hard to explain. But there's not much you have to know if you like anything that has to do with England or British tv - because this is both at their best.
FOR FANS OF: David Tennant eating, arcades, pop music

Sherlock, Season 3 (2014)
Too many feels. I can't really talk about it yet, so...
FOR FANS OF: Really, we're doing this?


Allegiant [Divergent #3] (2013) by Veronica Roth
Pretty good end for the series in my opinion. I liked the twist(ssss) and there was more action here than in part two. Very excited for the films.
*** 1/2 OUT OF *****

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999) by J.K. Rowling
You'll be hearing about this in next month's entry in my 8 months of Harry Potter.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes (1887 - 1927) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Ever since I fell in love on first sight with BBCs Sherlock mini serial, I've been wanting to read the original stories behind that ingenious show. The Complete Sherlock Holmes is a book I wish everyone would read once in their lifetime, but the sad truth is that they won't. It's heavy, literally, there are many pages to read - but all the better, right? Because there really is nothing in this that I felt was a waste of time. Even the shortest adventure proved to be amusing, suspenseful or insightful and you fall in love as deeply and madly with Holmes and Watson, as you do in the tv show. My favorite story is The Adventure of the Red-Headed League, if anyone wonders, while my favorite novel must be A Study in Scarlet. Anyway, I'll write a whole post on this very soon. After all, I spent a couple of months reading all of the 1700+ pages. 


And some painted art! Oh how we're intellectual this month.
Let it Go - Idina Menzel: The best track on the Frozen soundtrack, so it must be pretty awesome.

Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley: Despite my strange obsession with Elvis, I never had this song on my iPod or anything. I should probably watch the movie some time as well.

Don't Leave Me This Way - The Communards: Imagine my surprise, when this great song I had just discovered played in American Hustle. It was destiny.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen: I never liked Queen very much, but somehow the gazillionth listen to this song changed everything. Maybe it was the context (Blackpool).

7Horse - Meth Lab Zoso Sticker: Had to have something from WoWS here. The music video is actually pretty interesting.


Sorry everyone, we didn't manage to upload a new video yet. But the script is ready, so you should be able to see us make a fool of ourselves very soon. Meanwhile, here's one of the coolest videos I saw in January. (And let's just pretend we didn't hear about Kingsley).

Now it's your turn to tell me about your month. Was it an effortless pirouette or did you have to make a list of things you don't have time for anymore?


  1. I saw Frances Ha last night, looooved it!!

  2. Woah, that's a lot of movies! I found 12YaS disappointing too. The comparisions to Schindler's List are just insulting, to be honest I found McQueen's latest to be quite messy - the script was terrible and not once did I feel connected to any of the characters.

    1. It is, I'm surprised :) Yeah, I saw that and I'm happy you agree here because most people seem to love it or at least be moved by it. I would've been moved had the main character been in a really conflicting situation, like... if he had been some kind of supervisor of the other slaves or whatever.

  3. Great post, I need to make sure I see Frances Ha! I also love that Communards song you mention and was equally happy to hear it in American Hustle (although I didn't like the film as a whole all that much)

    1. Hi Caitlin, thanks for commenting! Frances Ha is a wonderful film, I can only recommend it to everyone who likes film. Well, American has huge problems. I found it entertaining but in a put-your-brains-on-standby kind of way.


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