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Review: Kites


Director: Anurag Basu
Screenplay: Anurag Basu, Robin Bhatt, Akarsh Khurana

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi
Plot: J is an Indian dance teacher in Vegas on his search for wealth. When he meets Gina, a rich girl who's in love with him, all his problems seem to be resolved. He joins Gina to the engagement party of her brother, but when he meets his fiancé, the Mexican woman Natasha, everything changes...

Reviewed 24th of October 2010
Knowing that Kites was released at the same time in both India and North America and shot at several “exotic” locations, I was still somewhat surprised seeing it at a DVD-store on my holiday in México (actually, part of the story takes place there). Naturally, I had no other chance but to buy it – as is would seem to any other fanatic Bollywood-Fan, this “coincidence” seemed to me as a sign of destiny! “Kites” had to be perfect.
Well, I can assure you: It is not. “Kites” does have several flaws. For the better understanding of these flaws, firstly, I need to mention one of the best things about this movie: The idea. Though it is a often warmed-up plot (two poor people on their way to wealth fall in love and forget everything about money), I quite like the idea of the mixed-cultures setting (a Indian man and a Spanish woman in America), which isn’t yet totally common in Bollywood. Add a handsome Hrithik Roshan and the good-looking (+ sympathetic) Barbara Mori, a couple that definitely has some chemistry – and there you have a fun Summer-Movie/ Movie-for-DVD-nights-in-cold-winter! Or: you would. For there are some aspects in the movie, that calm out the fun a little. Firstly, and don’t get me wrong: I do like action, like burning cars etc., but there are sequences, where the violence just goes one bit to far for a Action-Romance movie. Then, some parts of the plot seem a little too unlogical to me: For example, the falling in love just happens too quickly. Investing some more in this part of the plot would certainly have been very healthy for the movie.  There are some more small errors, but all right, I think I can close one eye and just forgive the makers. And… well, maybe I’ll some day be able to forgive Hrithik for his song “Kites In The Sky” (but I need to think about it). No, just kidding, the song wasn’t that bad, and thank you for giving you best, Hrithik – but please stick with dancing in the future! As for dancing: The movie has some great dancing scenes, which also include Kangana Ranaut, who is a great dancer, but her character leaves no room at all for showing her great acting skills. Same for all other supporting actors: None of the side characters are very profound; they are all just decorating objects.
Despite all those flaws, “Kites” is a true Entertainer, a masala-movie with some new ingredients, and it’s not at any time boring.

Rating: 6.6
Thank you for reading my review,
Mette M. K.

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