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Review: Ehsaas

EHSAAS: The Feeling (2001)
Director: Mahesh Manjrekar
Screenplay: Deepak Kulkarni
Plot: Ravi is raising his child himself; his wife is dead. Though he loves his son, he can't really show his love to him - or generally show any feelings to anyone. Every day, his son has to get up early in the morning to practice running, because he has to become the best runner in India. 

Written the 10th of September 2010
I didn't expect a lot from "Ehsaas", just some light entertainment, a movie to watch while doing something else. As a matter of fact, I was surfing in Internet at the beginning and just listening with one ear to the movie (I know, I'm a shame for all movie-geeks!). But still, the movie surprised me right from the start, as it began very quietly, without some kitschy introduction and music etc. It went on like that: Very calm camera setting, not much cutting... Not what I expected from a movie, with the title "Ehsaas - time for feelings". That's a positive thing!
Sunil Shetty happens to be a lot better as an actor, as I thought he was; until then, I had only seen him in movies like "Phir Hera Pheri" or "Dus". Really, the man's got talent. He plays convincingly, let's the audience hate his character in some scenes, but also love him. Also Neha, who I didn't know at all before seeing this movie, filled out her character quite well, a little more energetically than
Sunil, but that fits to the character. Also a big praise to many of the supporting actors, mostly
Kirron Kher! Her soft aura spreads through the movie and the story is somehow held together by her.The children were also good and not annoying.
I normally watch all movies in their original language, but I just felt like watching this one in German. Surprisingly, the movie is provided with an extremely professional and very qualitative dubbing that harmonizes perfectly with everything.
As I already said, it's a very quiet movie, so the songs didn't really stick into my mind, but they're placed well and match the movie.
My only “minus” goes to the showdown (the race) at the end. That was, really, too much of the good, and also very unsentimental. Sadly, the good ol' melodram orchestra is at the end allowed to takes its fiddles and do what it has to do, which is a little annoying, as the movie otherwise was not that "filmi" . It seemed like the producers decided that they actually wanted this movie to be commercial in some ways. It's sad.
But in other ways, this one's a... well; I'd almost call it an "Insider", because I hadn't heard anything about this movie before I saw it.

Rating: 6.2

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.

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