Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anjaanas and Anjaanis in the Wide World

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you'll have a nice 2011 and watch a lot of good Bollywood films! But now, let's have a deeper look at "Anjaana Anjaani"...

Have you ever wondered, how all those Indian boys and girls around the world can at once can tell, that their adverse Anjaana/Anjaani is not only from India, but from the part where people speak Hindi? You're not alone. It's the same thing all over again every year, as in last years "Anjaana Anjaani", which buy the way has a couple of inconsistencies (I mean, where exactly did that boat go???). 
Priyanka and Ranbir freezing to death, because their
boat has disappeared within the single minute
they've been in the water... 

In one of the first scenes, Ranbir tries to kill himself by jumping off a bridge and get's interrupted by Priyanka - who immediately accosts him in Hindi. Guys, we're in New York City and neither Ranbir nor Priyanka look that eye-catching Indian. I mean, I wouldn't recognize a German or Dane before I hear them talk (at least very few ones). But, well, this isn't just an intern Bollywood problem, a couple of Hollywood movies suffer from the same illogical thinking minds who tinker screenplays. 
It's sad, because you kind of sit their in you arm chair and you pause, because you get to think: "Ahm, this is odd.". And if you start to think thoughts like that, you can't concentrate about the good things in the movie, because you always have the illogical moments in the back of your mind. 

All that trouble in your head could have been avoided easily, if the writers had used some more of their grey matters and inserted just a few changes in the script. Why couldn't the two Anjaanas start their conversation in English and then one would say: "Hey, that accent of yours - Hindi?". "Yeah, that's right". "Oh, main bhi Bharaat se aayi hoon". "Great, to hum saath-saath Hindi bol sakte hain". (I hope the congruence is right, harrumph). 
This year, I don't want to see any more of those avoidable errors in any film industry, please do my that favor!

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