Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guzaarish - The Visual Review


This is a new kind of reviews that I'm going to try out... It's kind of a mixture between fun post and review post, so, well, I hope you like it. "Guzaarish" was a great choice for trying this, I think, because it's a very visual movie. (Off course, I write comments on each picture).

Aish is great in this film... Do I like or hate those glasses?

As always, in SLB-films, the sets are huuuge and... somehow beautiful

Beautiful... I want to go to Goa!

Not the best picture to pick for showing Hrithik the first time... This is only a dream sequence.
But I just wanted to say: Hrithik also dances in Guzaarish! Yeah!

Funniest scene in the film... And as this is no comedy, it was laughable enough.

Awww... Are they not a cute couple? Though it showed off a little more in Dhoom 2.

It was also a dark film...

A very good and beautiful actress with a very not-so-good and not-so-beautiful actress.

Also this untalented man shared the screen with Aishwarya and Hrithik.

He's cute, but he can't sing.

Ok, here we see Hrithik... and untalented man doing magic.
The magic thing was actually the worst part of the film. Too "Saawariya"-gic.

That's Hrithik in his best shape... A great performance of him, he has deserved many awards for this film.

One of the most awkward scenes... What's she doing in that palace (maybe it's a SLB-"house"?), and why is she sitting on the floor?

Is Hrithik the new serial-kisser?
Emraan better watch out!

This hat also reminded me of "Saawariya".
But I like Aish's scarf. The film is nice here.

And now it's not nice anymore.
Didn't like the court-scenes, maybe because the actors were bad. I mean, look at his "expression". This is acting-ki-kindergarten.

Or maybe because she's a part of them... I don't like her. At all.

Nor do I like him. I don't think I like any of the "supporting" actors.

But then, there's always Hrithik (and Aishu).
Why did I take that screencap, actually...? Don't remember.

Hrithik looks evil, woooo...
Actually, this could, like, be the Cover of "Jesus of Nazareth".

We meet my favorite actress again at the end... She looks loveable on this picture, though.

And my favorite actor. Just wanted a nearer shot of him, so you could really take a look on his pretty hair.
 He probably wants to look like that guy from High School Musical.

Drama-king Bhansali at his very best... I almost cried here. Really.

But this was too much, even for a drama-loving person like me, who likes High School Musical.
(I do, this is not a joke).
I'm sorry, you failed at the end. Make it better next time, Bhansaliji.

Though in a nutshell, this was an ok movie, and I regained my faith in you.
Let's just forget everything about "Saawariya".
And next time, I hope that you're back like in old times.

Thank you for reading/ viewing,
Mette. M. K.

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