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Comment on the ISHQ Awards and the ACEBAs 2011

You all know the IIFAs, the Filmfare Awards the Zee Cine Awards and all those other corrupt awarding ceremonies in Bollywood (yes, Bollywood is the right expression here).

But I doubt that many people have ever heard of the ISHQ Awards, have you? The ACEBAs (Annual Central European Bollywood Awards), however, are a little more famous, even having a real awarding ceremony with real people this year.

Explaining: The "ISHQ Awards"
The "ISHQ" is the most-read Bollywood magazine in Middle Europe, and if I'm allowed to give a little subjective comment: the best Bollywood magazine I know, especially in Germany. It is German, high quality and couldn't live without it.
The first ISHQ was published in november 2006, I believe, and instantly gained much success in the German fan community. By then, there were no other German Bollywood magazines. There are some others now, maybe one or two, but they can't compare to the ISHQ, in my opinion.
Last year, the ISHQ editors decided to put up the ISHQ Awards, where readers and editors could vote for their favorite films, actors, actresses etc. of the year that passed. They decided to keep the project going this year. Sadly, I wasn't able to vote myself - I missed the deadline.
Well, that's no reason for not commenting the results...

Read more about the magazine: (only German)
The results were published in magazine #48, August 2011.

Explaining: The "Annual Central European Bollywood Awards"
The ACEBAs are the most important Bollywood Awards in Europe, founded by Marco, the host of the largest German (the language, not the country) Bollywood forum,, and owner of the review site The awards have existed since 2004, and have improved a lot over the years. The voting is held online, and there's just one vote for everyone. There's also no fixed amount of nominees - it depends on how many films, performances, songs etc. are good enough to be nominated, which also means that sometimes, a whole category drops out for one year.
This year, the awards are presented by not only molodezhnaja, but also BNA Germany and IFFI Goa.

Read more about the awards:
The results of the 7th ACEBAs were announced the 10th of August 2011 and published this weekend.


Will the results be more honest, more elitist or maybe just more fair than at most of the "big" awards? Let's take a look.

The results are listed chronologically - most votes is 1), least votes is the last.

(The ISHQ has a lot of nominees but only 10 "winners", from which only one is the true winner, off course, and furthermore they've divided this section into "Reader's choice" and "Editors' choice").

ISHQ Reader's choice:
1) My Name Is Khan 
2) We Are Family
3) 3 Idiots
4) Kites
5) Guzaarish
6) I Hate Luv Storys
7) Band Baaja Baaraat
8) Anjaana Anjaani
9) Dabangg
10) Ishqiya/ Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

only nominated:
Break Ke Baad - Action Replayy - Baava - Aisha - Do Dooni Char - Badmaash Company - The Japanese Wife - Jhootha Hi Sahi - Love, Sex aur Dhokha - Knock Out - Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey - Karthik Calling Karthik - Peepli Live - Phas Gaye Re Obama - Raavan/ Raavanan - Rakht Charitra 1 & 2 - Enthiran - Striker - Tere Bin Laden - Tees Maar Khan - Thanks Maa - Udaan - Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa - Well Done Abba

A very typical result, and just what I had expected from most of the German readers/ viewers. I had hoped for better, though. MNIK on the first place is acceptable, as I personally liked it a lot as well, but honestly, We Are Family on the SECOND place??? Kites, Guzaarish, Anjaana Anjaani - I can find a more suited winner for all of them in the nominee's row. A problem is that probably many readers just haven't seen many of the films that were nominated. Which is sad, I think. I do like that there's a good variety in the nominees: some southies, too, some blockbuster, some flops, some main stream, some parallel cinema. Sadly, no big variety in the results. Maybe the editors know better?

ISHQ Editors' choice (only 5 wins):
1) My Name Is Khan
2) 3 Idiots
3) Udaan
4) Raavan/ Raavanan
5) Ishqiya

Now this I like. A piece of everything. Not sure if I would've picked Ishqiya, but then again: it might not be the best film, but it's an incredibly important film, especially for the future of women in Bollywood. Good job, ISHQ editors!

1) My Name Is Khan
2) Dabangg
3) Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
4) Raajneeti
5) Udaan
6) Peepli [Live]
7) Ishqiya
8) Raavan
9) Aakrosh
10) Rann

Again, the usual suspects: Shah Rukh and Karan Johar. That's what works here in Germany. 74,49 % - that's almost 10 times as much as Dabangg got. Good I mentioned it already: Dabangg? Dabangg? Admittedly a more suited winner than WTF, I mean WAF, but still... I am, however, fully contented with the rest of the results. My personal vote was for Udaan... Maybe not the best of last year, but still one of the best, and I wanted to vote for one of the more unknown films.


1) Karan Johar: My Name Is Khan
2) Rajkumar Hirani: 3 Idiots (editors' choice)
3) Vikramaditya Motwane: Udaan
4) Abhishek Chaubey: Ishqiya
5) Habib Faisal: Do Dooni Char

Good choices, I would stick with the 3 Idiots - Karan Johar didn't really impress me. I just liked the film.

1) Karan Johar: My Name Is Khan
2) Sanjay Leela Bhansali: Guzaarish
3) Vikramaditya Motwane: Udaan
4) Mani Ratnam: Raavan
5) Anusha Riza: Peepli [Live]
6) Ram Gopal Verma: Rann

... ... Is there anything left to say? "Karan Johar, so boring, bla bla", "SLB, who set a high personal standard with Devdas and also a little with Black, and who since then has failed to impress me with his later works, even though Guzaarish is a tiny step towards a better filmic tomorrow of his - he is nominated???"... You know what I have to say. I don't have to write it. I voted for Motwane, he's made one of the most impressing debuts I've seen. Mani Ratnam is my favorite director. I loved Peepli Live. 
... Ah, just remembered that a copy of Rann must be laying around somewhere...


1) Raajneeti
2) Peepli [Live]
3) Ishqiya
4) Karthik Calling Karthik
5) Udaan
6) Well Done Abba

I wonder why the ISHQ doesn't honor the technicians, even thought they tend to write the Bollywood awards don't honor them enough... But then again, it's a young award, it can still improve. Though I'd rather honor the technicians than some "love scene". But whatever. Raajneeti is a deserving winner, and all the others are deserving nominees.

(Yes, Ladies first - my choice).

1) Kajol: My Name Is Khan (also editors' choice)
2) Vidya Balan: Ishqiya
3) Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan: Raavan/ Raavanan
4) Anushka Sharma: Band Baaja Baaraat
5) Deepika Padukone: Break Ke Baad

While I think that Kajol delivered a good performance in MNIK, I don't think anyone (including her) can compare to Vidya Balan in Ishqiya. Kajol's role wasn't as layered and deep as Vidya's, so in my opinion, she didn't even have the chance to be better than Vidya. 
By the way: Deepika? Really? I didn't watch BKB, and I have good reasons.

1) Kajol: My Name Is Khan 
2) Anushka Sharma: Band Baaja Baaraat
3) Vidya Balan: Ishqiya
4) Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan: Guzaarish
5) Kangna Ranaut: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
6) Minissha Lamba: Well Done Abba

Remarkably, Kajol won with only 62,05 % (!). But Vidya is and will always be the best actress of 2010. Dot. Nice that Anushka came second, though... But Aishwarya for Guzaarish? She was much better in Raavan... don't you think? Well Done Abba is one of the few 2010-ers I'm yet too watch, by the way.


1) Shah Rukh Khan: My Name Is Khan (also editors' choice)
2) Hrithik Roshan: Guzaarish
3) Aamir Khan: 3 Idiots
4) Boman Irani: Well Done Abba
5) Rishi Kapoor: Do Dooni Char

Suck... I didn't expect this to be a genuine MNIK show... But what else should I have expected? And the year didn't really well over by overwhelming male performances... Maybe I would've picked SRK as well, I mean he was good. 

1) Shah Rukh Khan: My Name Is Khan 
2) Salman Khan: Dabangg
3) Hrithik Roshan: Guzaarish
4) Ajay Devgn: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
5) Boman Irani: Well Done Abba
6) Paresh Rawal: Road to Sangam

The winner is Shah Rukh? Really? Oh my Gosh, that came so unexpected! 
That's all I have to say.


1) Arjun Rampal: Raajneeti
2) Arshad Warsi: Ishqiya
3) Nana Patekar: Raajneeti
4) Ronit Roy: Udaan
5) Paresh Rawal: Aakrosh
6) Randeep Hoda: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Woooohooo! This feels like a personal win - the nominee I voted for won! Ah... magical. In contrary to the main actors, it was easy to find good supporting performances in the cinematic archives of 2010. And in my opinion, Arjun Rampal's was the best one.


1) Kareena Kapoor: We Are Family
2) Sonakshi Sinha: Dabangg
3) Bipasha Basu: Aakrosh
4) Amrita Puri: Aisha
5) Dimple Kapadia: Dabangg
6) Ira Dubey: Aisha

If there's one good thing about WAF, it's Kareena. She didn't save the film for me, but she was my personal highlight, a flash of cinemagity in the dullness of a kitschy-bitchy "children's drama/comedy/wtf". That's why she deserves this award.


1) Vishal-Shekhar: Anjaana Anjaani (btw: An Education-poster, anyone?)
2) A. R. Rahman: Raavan/ Raavanan
3) Sajid-Wajid: Dabangg
4) Ishqiya (editors' choice)
5) Amit Trivedi: Udaan/ Aisha

I'd say 1) Raavan, 2) Udaan/ Aisha, 3) Ishqiya, 4) Dabangg, 5) Anjaana Anjaani. Meh.

1) Band Baaja Baaraat
2) Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
3) Dabangg
4) Guzaarish
5) Aisha
6) Ishqiya

Thanks for reminding me: Why wasn't BBB nominated in the ISHQ awards? Meh. There was music in OUATIM? No Raavan in the ACEBAs? Well, I kinda can't get no satisfaction regarding the music awards of both the award-thingies.


1) Pee Loon: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
2) Munni Badnaam Hui: Dabangg
3) Pe Pe Pepein: Chance Pe Dance
4) Tere Liye: Prince
5) Wallah Re Wallah: Tees Maar Khan
6) Chal Halke Halke: A Flat

Sorry for the latter comment, now I remember at least one song from OUATIM. Beautiful song. But the true winner is "Beera" from Raavan, can't believe it wasn't nominated. Don't remember any of the others except for "Munni". Good choreography, not the best musical work. 


1) Mohit Chauhan - Pee Loon - Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai
2) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Dil To Bachcha Hai - Ishqiya
3) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Aas Paas Khuda - Anjaana Anjaani
4) Atif Aslam - Tere Liye - Prince
5) KK - Jaane Yeh Kya Hua - Karthik Calling Karthik
6) Krishna - Kaise Jiyu - Hide & Seek

I'm listening to "Pee Loon" at this moment, and I must say it's much better than I had remembered. Definitely worth a best singer award for Mohit Chauhan. 


1) Sunidhi Chauhan - Udi Udi - Guzaarish
2) Bela Shende - Sun Le Dua Yeh Aasmaan - We Are Family
3) Mamta Sharma - Munni Badnaam Hui - Dabangg
4) Alyssa Mendonsa - Uff Teri Ada - Karthik Calling Karthik
5) Rekha Bhardwaj - Badi Dheere Jali – Ishqiya
6) Reena Bhardwaj - Khili Re - Raavan

Sunidhi Chauhan would've been my second choice, but Reena Bhardwaj convinced me the most. How sad that she's last in the row...


1) "Dum Dum": Band Baaja Baaraat
2) "Zoobi Doobi": 3 Idiots (editors' choice)
3) "Sheila Ki Jawani": Tees Maar Khan
4) "Munni Badnaam": Dabangg
5) "Chhan Ke Mohalla: Action Replayy

One of the results that I almost completely agree with. The ISHQ Awards 2011 included 3 Idiots, because the DVD was released so late. Considering that, my personal favorite would be "Zoobi Doobi", but from last years' releases, "Dum Dum" is probably the best. I do, however, prefer "Munni" over "Sheila".

1) "Dum Dum": Band Baaja Baaraat
2) "Sheila Ki Jawani": Tees Maar Khan
3) "Pe Pe Pepein": Chance Pe Dance
4) "Munni Badnaam Hui": Dabangg
5) "Fire": Kites
6) "Nakhre": Action Replayy

Don't have much more to say than to the ISHQ result... Nice that they included a song from Kites - Hrithik is my favorite dancer ever. He is simply perfect. Some may say too perfect, but I like being perfect (Black Swan, if you know what I mean... and I take ballet classes myself, by the way).


1) Ranveer Singh: Band Baaja Baaraat
2) Omkar Das Manikpuri: Peepli [Live]
3) Ali Zafar: Tere Bin Laden
4) Aditya Roy Kapur: Guzaarish
5) Rajat Barmecha: Udaan
6) Pradhuman Singh: Tere Bin Laden

Aditya Roy Kapur, "that I'm not laughing!" (German expression, I felt nothing else was appropriate). I voted for Omkar Das, it was before I had seen BBB. I'd probably vote for Ranveer now. 


1) Sonakshi Sinha: Dabangg
2) Zarine Khan: Veer
3) Shraddha Kapoor: Teen Patti
4) Arya Banerjee: LSD
5) Nushrat Bharucha: LSD

I voted for Sonakshi, of course. But I'd like to see the two LSD-ladies on the second and third place. 


1) My Name Is Khan
2) Guzaarish
3) Raavan
4) Kites
5) Aakrosh
6) Rann

Raavan, Raavan, RAAVAN! Phew, calming down...


For a lot of screencaps, click here

1) Guzaarish
2) Kites
3) Action Replayy
4) Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey
5) Tees Maar Khan
6) Raavan

Okay, deserved. I agree.


1) Tees Maar Khan (also editors' choice)
2) Veer
3) Dulha Mil Gaya
4) We Are Family
5) Guzaarish

Unbelievable that both We Are Family and Guzaarish made it into the Top 5 of the Best Films. Tees Maar Khan was much better - and I know I'm pretty alone with that opinion. Yes, I liked the film, and I'm not going to apologize for that (I also didn't expect much, so how could it be the film I was most disappointed by?). Haven't seen neither Veer nor Dulha Mil Gaya (again, good reasons), so We Are Family would definitely win this section if I were to decide. And Tees Maar Khan would be 5) - even Guzaarish was worse.


1) Band Baaja Baaraat
2) Golmaal 3
3) Guzaarish
4) Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
5) Kites
6) Tees Maar Khan

Agrrrrrreeed! (I want those clothes!).

JODI NO. 1 [only ISHQ]

1) Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol: My Name Is Khan (also editors' choice)
2) Shahid Kapoor & Genelia D'Souza: Chance Pe Dance
3) Anushka Sharma & Ranveer Singh: Band Baaja Baaraat
4) Vidya Balan & Arshad Warsi: Ishqiya
5) Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan: Raavan

Shah Rukh + Kajol is nothing new, we've seen it a hundred times - but then again, don't we still love. Don't they still enchant us with their mind-blowing chemistry on screen? Come on... yes, they do. And that's why they won over the fresh newcomers of BBB and the interesting pairing of Ishqiya.


1) Band Baaja Baaraat
2) Kites
3) Ishqiya
4) Aakrosh
5) Prince
6) Rann

Yeah, go on... (good choice, yap).


1) My Name Is Khan: Extended Director's Cut (DVD)
2) Koyla - Glut der Rache
3) Tanz um dein Glück - Chance Pe Dance
4) Kites - Auf der Flucht
5) My Name Is Khan: shortened cinema version
6) Sag Ja zur Liebe - Dulha Mil Gaya
7) Gestern, heute und für immer - Love Aaj Kal (editors' choice)
8) Live aus Peepli - Irgendwo in Indien (Peepli Live)

I don't buy many German releases, as they are mostly a lot more expensive than the Indian ones, but I do own the "Director's Cut" of MNIK. It's only called "Director's Cut", because the cinema version was shortened - which I didn't like, but whatever. The German DVD is good, I mean, I didn't watch the special features yet, but... 


1) Dabangg
2) Toonpur Ka Superhero
3) Prince
4) Veer

The only one who was qualified enough to win this. 

BEST "LOVE SCENE" [a special ISHQ Award]

1) My Name Is Khan ("Marry me!") (also editors' choice)
2) Kites (Kiss scene)
3) Anjaana Anjaani ("That's not funny anymore, Kiara.")
4) Aisha (Balcony scene)
5) Band Baaja Baaraat ("Let me rest...")

Come on, guys... this is getting really boring and foreseeable. I'm not blaming the magazine - they had good nominations - but the general viewer is almost as unspectacular as the general public... Man. I can agree on Kajol and Shah Rukh being the Jodi No. 1, we already discussed that, but it's not equal with having the best "love scene", because it's not equal with having the best screenplay-writer to write it. 

The editors didn't vote for this one.

1) Don 2 (Shah Rukh, Priyanka)
2) Ra.One (Shah Rukh, Kareena)
3) Untitled (Aamir, Rani, Kareena)
4) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Hrithik, Farhan, Abhay)
5) Mausam (Shahid, Sonam)

As the two Shah Rukh films are the ones most likely to have a theatrical release in Germany, I understand why they are the most anticipated ones. Also because of Shah Rukh himself, of course. And because Don 2 was partly filmed in Berlin (yes, I wanted to go there, but long story). I chose Untitled, though - the pairing is too interesting. 


Phew, that was some hard work, putting this together. I hope you enjoy.

Mette M. K.


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