Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday, 09.11.2011

Indian Hindi Releases

Project 11 - It was hard to find anything about this film, indiafm has almost nothing about it. One of the most interesting experiments in film I've heard of this year, so look out. I don't get the "Coming to a computer near you", though. Is it going to be released online? However, you should read the facebook site, it's pretty interesting... There's also a short trailer. 

Rockstar - Woooooow! I am so excited for this film, even though I don't think it's going to reach the level of Devdas 2002 and Dev.D... especially the first half of the trailer is a bit too fluffy for me. But who knows... That new girl looks promising, definitely. And is it me, or does Ranbir get hotter with the time? At first I thought he wasn't really hot, just a good actor, but I don't know... there's something about that rockstar-thing, maybe. My problem with this film is just that I'm afraid of having too big expectations. Yes, Jab We Met is one of the best rom-coms of the past century, and Socha Na Tha was an all right debut. But Love Aaj Kal? 
Anyways, there's always Rahman. Is what I said before I watched Saawariya...
No, this is good. This is rocking. This HAS to be good.

Mentionable German Releases


A Dangerous Method - What a cast, top-notch! The trailer is intriguing, even though there are a few indicators of boringness, but I just hope that's the fault of the trailer-editor. I'll definitely watch this, hopefully in cinema. 

Anonymous - Roland Emmerich goes from end-of-the-world to... to what? It's not a historic epic. Whatever it is, I must say it looks extremely pretentious to me, even though I like Radiohead. But really? A film about that question? Meh.

Lion King 3D - I'd love to see this childhood classic on the silver screen, but not if the price is 3D-head ache and an even more expensive ticket.

Releases at the local repertory

The 11th Flensburg Short Film Days - An event I wanted to participate in, but I'm currently saving money for our trip to Mexico, so that wasn't possible.

Taste the Waste - German documentary about the food we throw away. Interesting and important, but... I still have that copy of Rango laying around, you know...


  1. Lucky you, A Dangerous Method doesn't come out here until the end of the month.

  2. Hmmm... Project 11 sounds interesting, but I get the feeling it's going to be like Gamer (and we all know how bad that was...).

    Rockstar is doing the promo rounds now, looks good (although judging by the soundtrack the film seems to have very little to do with rock...), and it brings Ranbir back in the spotlight. He's now probably busy choosing stars for his new Facebook auditioned 'New Star Of India' (which I have promoted on my blog).

  3. Bonjour Tristesse - True, but we only have the dubbed version, as always :(

    The Bolly Hood - Gamer? Never heard of it. Which proves your point, I guess ;). The only "rock" song from Rockstar is Sadda Haq, which I don't like that much, but I don't it's a film about music.

  4. 'Haawa Haawa' is my favourite song from Rockstar.

  5. The Bolly Hood - Really? That's one of the songs I like least, actually... My favourite is "Faya Kun", and I also love "Nadaan Parindey", "Tum Ho", "Phir Se Ud Chala"... Well, I like the whole soundtrack.


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