Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Loved About My Third Oscar Night

Keeping myself awake with a bottle of coke and some cake, I stayed up the second half of the German night to watch some "millionaires giving each other golden statues", as Billy Crystal put it (I think that's what he said). Interestingly, it gets easier each year.

With a huge lot of Oscar-comments coming up (or already published), there's little chance that anybody actually happens to be reading my modest little post - but if you are, I promise you won't get any negative vibes from me. 

We already know what went wrong, which films didn't get nominated or didn't win what they deserved, still my overall impression of this years' awards remains very good.
Because of that, I have decided to put of a list of...

All the things I loved about the 84th Annual Academy Awards:

1. Watching clips from the few films that I have already been able to see, and being reminded of the wonderful cinematic experiences that last year presented to us.
And how cool was Best Original Script for Midnight in Paris?!

2. The old-school-ness: decoration, hosting, winners - even many of the dresses!
Billy Crystal was wonderful too, even though I don't know him very well.

3. The five seconds' glimpse I caught of squeak-Rahman-squeak. Why did there have to be ads right after that?

4. Jason Segel on the red carpet: extremely sympathetic and incredibly sweet.
(Sorry, had to make fun of that film title - confused it with a review-title when I first read it).

5. Getting excited for the wonderful 2011 films that I haven't seen yet - most famously The Artist, which I will be able to see in two weeks.

6. Jessica Chastain's look after they played her nomination video - so very charming.

7. Rango actually won - what a welcome surprise!

8. The "Man or Muppet"-clip made me want to watch the movie badly.

9. Its celebration of the thing we all love so dearly - makes me feel sentimental every time.

What did you love about this year's Oscars?

PS: I would appreciate it very much if you would take the time to give your feedback on this blog, to help improve it - just a tiny comment would be enough.


  1. Oh, Chastain was so charming after her nomination clip! I was crying tears of joy/overload of cuteness when I saw that!

    1. Yes, me too!!
      And Rooney Mara was quite cute too, after her clip :).

  2. Things I loved: Wizard Of Oz focus group. A decent memorial sequence for the departed - classy and well presented, as was Crystal's personal touch for Gil Cates, long-time producer of the Oscars ceremony.Octavia Spencer's win for The Help. Christopher Plummer winning his Best Supporting Oscar.

    Thing I didn't like: Gary Oldman getting the cold shoulder for Tinker Tailor. Seriously, the dude should have won an Oscar years ago.

    1. I pretty much agree, especially concerning the memorial sequence. I loved the layout, and the duration of the sequences was perfect.
      As for Gary Oldman, I haven't seen many of his films (nor Tinker Tailor), but I've liked him in each until now.
      Of course, I was also pissed by Harry Potter being ignored another time (the last one!).

  3. I watched the highlights of the Oscars, and I must say I found them quite formulaic. I wish they would do something different. Out of the ordinary. That being said, most of the winners were deserved Oscar winners. But The Artist should not have won the majority of the awards!

    1. They're always a little formula-based, I mean what can you do at an event that is watched by millions?
      ... Didn't you like The Artist? I'll watch it soon, so I'm curious.


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