Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulous Filmic Fashion Friday: Rockstar

I figured this blog needs a new regular feature, so why not combine my passion for cinema with another interest of mine, say... fashion?

The film that has the honour to be the first, is last years' much-talked-about Rockstar, directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring Ranbir Kapoor and newcomer Nargis Fakhri. It can be discussed whether Nargis has the potential to develop some acting skills with the time, but when she keeps her mouth shut she does look very pretty, no matter what she's wearing. In this case she's allowed to wear some beautiful east-european dresses, Kashmir-inspired scarfs and on a whole very stylish clothes.
But also Ranbir's costumes are fitting, and perfectly underline the development of his character. From don't-care-what-I-wear blue jeans to stylish and modern outfits to eccentric harem pants (paired with long hair and beard), there has certainly been thought about his looks.

The costumes have been designed by Indian fashion designers Aki Narula and Manish Malhotra, and costume designer Dolly Ahluwalia.

Casual students

As you can see, both Heer (Nargis Fakhri) and Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) look very casual and "normal" at the beginning of the story. They dress like I imagine a lot of Indian students dress, while of course Heer (who is from a rich family) looks a little more fashionable. These are definitely my least favourite looks of the film.

Kashmiri glamour

The left picture shows Heer in her bridal gown, and the right one I guess is some sort of traditional Kashmiri costume (might be a bridal dress too?). Like most white fans of Indian films, I absolutely adore the colourful traditional Indian dressing. Admittedly, the headpiece of the right picture looks somewhat strange... must be annoying with all those pearl-thingies. But otherwise: top-notch!


And here's Jordan in his second phase (I divided his development in the film into three phases), looking... well, he does look kind of hot. Not on these pictures, but generally speaking, in the film. It seems he's grown fond of wests and rockstar-accesories like leather bands and (rebellious) brooches. Personally I think this style was the one that suited him best.

Prague meets Bollywood

I love swirling skirts! Never wore one, because I've no idea when to wear it, but seeing these pictures I just really, really want one. Not helping that red is my favourite colour... Oh, this is so gorgeous! Have you noticed Jordan's boho-hippie west, by the way? It's kind of cute. But nothing compared to this incredible dress!


They both have some weird face expressions here... but let's focus on the clothes. Not sure if I like the colour of Heer's dress - is it brown or orange? I like the scarf though, it makes the outfit a little less girly. Jordan is looking good too, though his shirt might just be a little too sloppy for my taste.

My favourite: Less is more

I know, these are two different outfits, but they're very similar and I love both of them. It's all about the details - Heer's scarf, Jordan's striped hoodie... and then the beautiful yet simple white dress. It's perfect. 

And finally, just for fun...

The outfits Jordan wore in his third and last phase were really something else... I mean, they fit his personality at that point and his image... but checks and turbans are really not my taste.

I really liked the fashion in Rockstar. Maybe it's hard to judge from the few images, but they were the best ones I could find - sadly I don't own a copy of the film. There were many beautiful outfits, and at the same time they suited the characters and the film itself.

I hope you like this new feature, and I'd be really happy about some feedback. It's girly, but I hope my male readers won't mind... For those who enjoyed: see you next friday!


  1. I love the swirly skirt! So pretty! Red is my favourite colour after black.
    Also the Kashmiri clothing.
    Really interesting feature. It'll be hilarious if you look into the comedies of 90s. Govinda and fashion don't go along.

    1. Generally speaking I think the 90s were a bad time for Bollywood, concerning fashion... Govinda was perhaps the worst.
      Glad you like the feature.

  2. That red dress looks uh-mazing!!! I'm going to like this feature :)

  3. I loved what Nargis wore throughout the film. Remember the one when she enjoys car ride in Tum Ho? In Titanic pose. White top.

    1. Yes, that was beautiful too... I also loved her clothes in this film (at least that's something good to say about her).
      Nice to see a male here :).

  4. Splendid idea for a feature. Will you have a look at newer films or at older/classic as well?

    I like what costume designers did in this movie; even casual clothing has got a good combination of colors, let alone those gala gowns. I admit my favorite out of all these is the girl's dress in the "summerly" section. It's because I normally wear jeans and shirts, but sometimes I do love wearing such dresses.

  5. Thank you, Lesya!
    I'm not going to commit myself to a certain kind of films - anything I find interesting will do.

    I like the summerly dress too, actually have a few of that kind... I'm just not sure about the colour.


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