Sunday, June 16, 2013

Braindead: A ballet of braaaaaaains

That brainy little bastard. Somehow, Peter Jackson - who managed to completely bore and disgust the hell out of me with his first feature gore feast Bad Taste - won my heart (and liver, and... ribs) with his third blood bash Braindead aka Dead Alive.

It's a movie very similar to the former, fully living up to my expectations of an illogical and unimportant plot, a good portion of black gore movie humour and some cool effects. But this already sets it apart from Bad Taste, for even though that one did have all of these qualities, it didn't have them in great quantities. Braindead was never afraid to go for it with everything it had, featuring the stupidest characters making the stupidest choices, saying the worst and hence funniest lines, and ripping each other apart in the most inventive and disgusting ways I have ever seen in a movie of the genre. It's not a big surprise Lord of the Rings had such great effects, when you take a look at the awesomely executed battles of Braindead. Their setting in a huge cottage in New Zealand instead of, well, Middle Earth, doesn't make them any less original and fantastic. Keeping in mind that all of these effects were done without the help of computers only adds more joy to the experience. In that way, this was a very technically interesting movie to me - I kept wondering how they did this and that, where the blood was coming from, whether somebody gargled with water in order to produce the matching sound effects... and so on. Still, Braindead is more than just a technical experience. Its over-the-top-ness in every aspect that you can possibly believe, makes me want to compare it to the extravaganza we see in for instance Baz Luhrmann flicks. It takes a big portion of self-conciousness and commitment to produce something so ridiculous and pure, and I can't help but admire Jackson for that. 

Gore-fans, like me, should keep in mind that Braindead isn't a movie for everyone. The people who cried out in disgust when we watched Fight Club in philosophy class (I know... it's sad) definitely shouldn't search out this one. But if you do enjoy or don't mind a lot of blood, Braindead is probably straight up your alley. If you live in Germany, there's another good reason to watch it, since the original uncut version was, and still is, banned here.



  1. Ok I hate your philosophy class already.

    And apparently this has been called the goriest film ever. Ew, I saw some screencaps online. That's a movie not to eat to/with. I still want to see it though...

    Great review. You straight up told everybody who could stomach this film. Hopefully I can.

    1. Yeah. I hate my teacher, but normally I like the people... it's just like "What do you watch at home, Barbie in Swan Lake?"

      Wow, that's awesome. I'm really glad I watched it now. Personally, I didn't find it off-putting, but then again I love gore. When it's well-made. For instance, the new Evil Dead was very gory, but everything looked so clinical and clean... just didn't feel right.

      Thanks, Teddy. I hope you'll watch the film. You probably shouldn't eat before you watch it, I made that mistake ;)

  2. Reading this just made me giddy about the movie all over again. It's crazy, like you mention, how much effort went into these gore set pieces and there are SO many. I'd like a firm count of how many unique effects works there are in this movie because it's just so impressive. Great review!

    1. Exactly! It's so cool that this was the Lamb Movie of the Month, because usually I feel that movies like this one don't get enough appreciation because they're "just" interesting from a technical point-of-view to many people. So I'm really happy I got the chance to check it out.
      Thanks for your comment, Jess!


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