Monday, September 2, 2013


What I've been watching, re-watching, reading and listening to in July 2013.

New month resolution: watch more movies. Seriously, I have about 9 DVDs I borrowed from one of the ISHQ editors in July left to watch and another bunch I bought myself. ... August has been pretty movie-less since I'm working a lot. Like, a lot lot. But what I did see was good and I also managed to prop in some tv shows - they're much more practical when you're home very late.

Oh, and did I mention I'm going to London again in October?

Yeah. I'm pretty excited.


One of the most surprising movies I've seen in ages. Somewhere in my mind, I had always known that a movie like this was possible, was made - but I had never seen anything like it.

I was very sceptic towards it at the beginning, since it's a very different movie than Before Sunrise. But as it evolves, you seen realize that it's (to me: almost) just as wonderful.

Much more different from the first two movies than the second was from the first. Objectively still as great, there's just a part of me that wishes it had never seen it.

The Conjuring (2013) 
Soooo well made. Very classical and effective. Oh, and Patrick Wilson is the hot one-episode guy from Girls!

X-Men: First Class (2011) 
Too many attractive people in one movie.

8 Mile (2002) 
Weirdly enough, I've been wanting to see this for ages. Not a perfect movie by any means. A lot of it looks like it's been edited on Windows Movie Maker. But it's still very well acted (and rapped). 

I'm still irritated by the hatred against this movie but I'll let people think what they want. To me it was a perfectly enjoyable sequel to the first movie (as opposed to a perfect adaption).

The first of the bunch of DVDs I saw. Very sweet movie, especially for the Indian "kids'" genre.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
Again; weirdly enough, I've been wanting to see this for a long time. It also has some easter egg David Tennant cameos! As for the content, I found it much fresher and unusual than expected. 


Remember Me (2010) 
I'm probably the only person in the world who liked this movie. It wasn't as good as when I watched it back in the day though.

Betty Blue; 37'2 Le Matin (1986) 
Watched in class. Again, much more awkward and not as good as on first watch.

The Graduate (1969) 
One of the old new DVDs I finally did watch. And what a movie it still is. This time I noticed two things: 1) Mrs Robinson is a very layered character, 2) I'm in lesbians with both her and Katharine Ross.



Secret Diary of a Call Girl, S.1 (2007)
Billie Piper, London and a lot of comedy. What's not to like? I must admit the first few episodes were a bit random but then story became more and more interesting. It's a cute show that I'll make sure to finish (only four seasons with very few episodes). Oh and Matt Smith and Billie Piper make out in this.

Aleksandar: Oh, but what do you do for a living?
Belle: In this dress, no one will care.

Sherlock - all of it
Can. Not. Wait. Any. Longer.


Khaled Hosseini: And the Mountains Echoed (2013)
Hosseini makes me cry every time. Such a poetic, accessible, wonderful writer. I'm very obsessed with Afghanistan after reading his three books!
**** OUT OF 5

Julie Kagawa: Dawn of Eden (Blood of Eden #0.5) (2013)
Dawn of Eden is a nice snack in between books, it was refreshing to read something this short and crispy. Its style is very similar to Immortal Rules but the story of course has a much smaller scope, and we don't really learn much new. For what it is, I liked this book. The love story is sweet and hot, as I now think is typical for Julie Kagawa, and since I love the Blood of Eden universe, this was a nice addition to it. Especially since there are many scenes with the rabids.
So 3 stars for me, it would have gotten a higher score if it had actually given us some new information.

Tom Kristensen: Hærværk [Havoc] (1930)
As with most books we read in school, I had the feeling the author was looking down on the reader, thinking he was a fucking genius. I just can't handle shit like that. Yes, there are some interesting parts to this, especially the language, but come on. It was mainly boring. Technically interesting, practically boring.

Stephen Chbosky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999)
This book, man. I just knew I'd love it. The movie is amazing and will forever have a special place in my heart, and now I've got even more material to add to that. Honestly, I can't say whether the book or the movie is better, they're just a bit different - just different enough for both to be great. I'm sad that I finished this one in two days only though... have to re-read it very soon!



Almost makes me cry every time.

Not a fan of BM but this one I liked. In contrary to the original.

Because it's so catchy, old school and, well, British.

I should ask Nik for more good music.

Obviously I'm on a bit of a Before trip.

Still need to download all of the music mentioned in Perks. Especially if the rest is as good as this.

Tell me about your own month - seen anything good, learned a lesson, found the meaning of life?


  1. First, you have a great blog. Put a lot of good work in it.
    I too have seen recently the Before trilogy and I have been really surprised by it. Such good films and the way they make you love the characters. And the conversations they have, you can't get enough of them. Really unique films.
    If you wanna see what I saw this month check out this link:

    1. Thank you Cristi, I'm happy you found it and I'll make sure to check out your blog in a second.
      It's true; you can't get enough of the conversations in the Before movies. I've been watching some little scenes again and again because they're just that good.

  2. Aww, that gif of Benny Batch! I really liked 8 Mile, I love that 'Lose Yourself' one Best Original Song at the Oscars because I don't think anyone was expecting that. The score in How To Train Your Dragon makes me love it even more, it's so beautiful.

    I think I'm the last person left on Earth who hasn't seen the "Before" trilogy.

    1. Benny Batch <3
      Yes, I remember being surprised when I first heard that it had won the Oscar. It's really cool, wish I had seen the show and been old enough to understand what was going on. The HTTYD score is great yes, I noticed! Very viking-ish.
      Oh, you should stop what you're doing right now and go see Before Sunrise. Trust me. I didn't do it a lot of times when people told me to and now I can't believe I did that.

  3. Hey, you are late....Slacker!! :P

    I love both Sunrise and Sunset but I think Sunset is tad better than Sunrise. I will see Midnight soon. Really excited for it!!

    How to Train Your Dragon is cool too, right? See, I watch Kids films all the time. :)

    I don't see much Horror films, not because I am scared but usually I am either disgusted or bored. But I mean to The Conjuring. I have heard nothing but praises.

    That's small but a solid month.

    1. I know... But that's nothing unusual for my blogging habits ;)

      Most people do like Sunset a bit more than Sunrise. It's probably better on the paper but to me Sunrise is just a bit more magical. A bit.
      - I watch kids' movies all the time too. But I'm suffering from the Peter Pan Syndrome at any rate.
      As for horror movies, I see far too less. Don't know why, really. There's no good reason. I love 'em.
      Yep, tiny month. This year is going to be less productive (or less un-productive, depending on how you look at it) than last year because of school and working to get money for my gap year.

  4. Yaaay!!!

    X-Men is like girl porn, I swear.

    Sherlock will come now, don't worry. Some of us have been waiting for like 2 years.

    And yaay songs :D

  5. Also Cumberbatch's recitations are friggin orgasmic.

    1. Oh yes, they are. Actually my other friend who watches Sherlock said just that about them; orgasmic :D

  6. I remember that Dizzee Rascal song being EVERYWHERE when it came out (2009 I think?). It was weird seeing him going down the pop route, which he is now clearly cemented in, as I'd grown up listening to his album, Boy in da Corner. If you haven't checked that out, do so. That's probably more in line with being 'British' in terms of the part of Britain he is speaking about and it is still really relevant today. He made that album when he was 16 as well which is crazy. Still the best thing he's done to date, and I also named my book I wrote many a year ago after one of the songs.

    Awesome, you're coming to London! Whereabouts are you heading this time round? If I am in London at the time (intending to go abroad at that time as well) we should meet up!

    Maybe it's because I've grown up here my whole life, but the fascination that you (and Nikhat as well) have with British culture/London is pretty interesting to me. I may do a post on something about that, how there are aspects of this city and the country in general people outside really like but it usually isn't the same.

    1. It wasn't everywhere around here, but yes, it was in a lot of places. I noticed it because of that party scene in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and listened to it a lot but then forgot about it. So now I'm sort of being melancholic about those times and listening to it again ;) Also, thanks for the recommendation! I haven't heard anything else he has done so that seems like a good place to start. Oh, you wrote a book? That's cool.

      Yesssss, London! We'll be living south of the Thames but I haven't really figured out where exactly. It's from the 6th to 14th of October. But we'll be in the city all the time at any rate (except when visiting the Warner Bros Studios :D). So yeah, if you're there, we could meet. That would be awesome.

      I've often thought about that, how it must be a bit weird for British people to be getting all this attention (especially at the moment). I found it strange when I was younger, cause there were all these bloggers who were obsessed with the UK. But now I'm one of them... ^^

    2. Cool man! Well just message me on Twitter and what have you. I should be around in the UK then. Need to book some tickets for more travelling more so that was my aim (for that month). But message me away! Would be cool to meet you.

  7. Happy to see 10/10 for Before Sunrise, which is in my top 5 of all-time. It blew me away too, when I first saw it, a life-changing movie.

    Thanks for sharing that Cocteau Twins track, reminds me I want to explore that band.

    By the way, good call on that short, The Man Who Planted Trees, great film indeed.

    1. You're saying something there - I think I first read about the movie on your blog! At least I remember reading something there.
      Oh, I definitely want to explore them too because that one song is mind-blowing.

      I don't even remember when I recommended that... was it in some list or so? It's great yes, glad you think so too :D

  8. Ah so sorry you disliked the Before series to the recent, but it still have a high score. 10 for Before Sunrise, yay. I've got to watch it again.

  9. Im not a fan of Romantic movies and I really love the Before series. Glad youes liked these movies. Julie Delpy is great. She has a soundtrack for Before Sunset and a full album that is worth checking out

    1. I have a weakness for them I guess, but only the good ones. But then again, who doesn't like the Before series?
      Oh, that sounds interesting - I love her voice and Let Me Sing You a Waltz from the Sunset soundtrack.


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