Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saving the Day

On November 23rd 1963, when I was minus 32 years old, history was written. A science-fiction tv show with a plot that is hard to explain without sounding like a lunatic*, premiered on BBC1, laying the foundation for a universe that would go on to enthrall audiences 50 years later. I only started watching the show - the newest part of it, that is - this year, yet I must've been traveling with the Doctor in his TARDIS in another life, because I feel like I've been a part of this for as long as I can think. For people who know next to nothing about the show and its universe; I strongly advise you to have a look at this rather introductory post I wrote a while back and maybe dip your toes in some of the episodes. For Whovians; you have certainly come to the right place (working them quotes right there), for the 50th anniversary party goes on. Today and forever. Because we don't want to go either.

My feeling about the event of the year is 904% of satisfaction: I really have nothing whatsoever to complain about. I feel like each and every existing and non-existing desire of my Whovian heart has been fulfilled to the most ridiculous extent. In fact, you could show me any random bit of The Day of the Doctor and I'd be able to explain to you how much and why I'm in love with it. But of course, none of that will happen. No, no: my list of 50 things I love about the 50th is not at all random. It was calculated by a very complicated formula which would take hundreds of years to explain - it goes something like "$∨fa∞ + ⌘n⏎⇒Λgi x2 = rlΩΦgen♫ius℠ - ✗− ⅗¥≥ + 2: en⅕€¥ergy℠™⏎ + bra⌃⌥ins se⅙⌘ = ⏏xin✪ess✚∨÷°¶℗ + tumblr". Let's see how it worked...

* Thank you for that lovely quote, Mr. Tennant.


1 When the War Doctor mentions the Bad Wolf Girl, 10's hair finally goes all sticky.

2 „I don't want to go“.


 Those little quarrels. They're melting my heart.

4 „You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning? That sound brings hope where ever it goes. To anyone who hears it, Doctor. Anyone. However lost. Even you.“

Everyone has said, I'll say it again: thank you for speaking our minds, Rose.

5 Just like I said - a couple made in heaven.

„And you're basically just a rabbit, aren't you?“

I went to the cinema with some of the awesomest people on earth - thank you, guys! (I know none of you actually ever read my blog so this is rather unnecessary but still). Forgive me if I look like a dizzy, ridiculously happy christmas elf - I certainly felt like one.

Whovians are the nicest people on earth - the atmosphere in the theater was fantastic. Everybody was wearing fez'es and bow-ties and Chucks and working them Sonic Screwdrivers.

This is so sort of corny but perfect and looks like the greatest boy-group of all time.

10 The surprise when I realized that I actually loved Jenna Coleman in that role for the second time ever. I felt like I was seeing Oswin Oswald from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship again.

11 John Hurts tweets.

12 „They're screwdrivers! What are you going to do - assemble a cabinet at them?!“

13 This title card. Because you can never have enough of Matt Smith swinging from his TARDIS. 

14 Oh how nicely it all ties in.

15 The perfect amount of little tid-bits of information about the special before the Day. My favourite is The Night of the Doctor.

16 The Best. 3D. I've Ever. Seen. 

People just don't talk about this enough.

 17 Driving into the TARDIS and a shot that already driven me crazy when I had seen it out of context before the actual special. Gahhh that perfect everything.

18 „Timey what?“

I thoroughly enjoyed the new perspective on some of the trademarks of New Who provided by the War Doctor.

 19 Classic Who references! That I got, of course. Who was that irritating chick in second row that kept asking whether this was William Hartnell, by the way? It's Tom Baker, duh.

No, honestly; I really want to watch Classic Who now. Which is great because I thought I'd be having too much free time in the next 10 years.

20 billiepiperbilliepiperbilliepiperbilliepiperbilliepiper

21 BBCs splendid short film The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot that makes me want to see Classic Who even more. Actually this was almost as good as the Special itself. Quelle domage!

22 The look on his face. He's just so happy and relieved. I don't want you to go, Matt.

23 The introduction before the special itself was so cool, I was afraid the special wouldn't be able to top it. Of course, it did. But still.

24 In The End of Time, Rose said that the time war was ending. And she was right!

25 Like every Doctor so far, John Hurt made me loose my doubts about his portrayal 15 minutes into the episode.

26 The mystery about everything, despite the many bits and pieces that were released, and the way the whole special maintained that mysterious atmosphere until the very end.

27 Those last bits of 11's childishness before the... *sniff* Trenzalore 'christmas' special.

28 „Just this once, everybody lives“. 

Thank you, Eccleston.

29 The concept of the trio just works so well in Doctor Who. (Almost) made me forget about the fact that Amy and Rory weren't there.

30 This moment.

31 The cleverness of that ending. My head is still spinning when I think about how cleverly everything is wrapped up and at the same time, new things are being set up.

32 I should go buy a bag of humour, I know...

33 Gallifrey Falls No More. I love everything about this painting. It's pretty, it's 3D and it's the answer to the question about the future of Doctor Who.

34 davidtennantdavidtennantdavidtennantdavidtennant

35 The original intro. Gotta love the original intro. I actually listened to all intros on the Day, walking around town and people were just staring at me because of the big Joker smile on my face. 

36 Peter Capaldi.

37 This has been mentioned in the big fat Buzz Feed post but that doesn't lessen its brilliance.

38 The doodle game. I played it on the night before the Day instead of re-watching The Name of the Doctor.

39 10's tie: blue roses.

40 Nicknames! Sandshoes, Dickie Bow and Grandpa.

41 The fact that they were at least in one frame together. (The more I'm writing and thinking, the more I realize how I miss 10 and his pairing with Rose).

42 „Great men are forged in fire, but lesser men have the privilege to light it“.

43 The youngest Doctor ever sounds ridiculous using slang.

44 Gallifrey came back before Sherlock. Of course I only like the irony of it.

45 My two favorite TARDISes! (Because the redecorated quote is close to being overexposed).

46 Oh. My. God.

47 „What are the round things?“
„No idea“.

There's not an answer to everything (yet).

48 mattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmithmattsmith

49 The horse.

50 There is a possibility of this happening.

So for now, let's forget about
Rumours of only 13 regenerations for I have no doubt
The Doctor will continue, he'll stay shifty -

and also, can we pretend the Graham Norton show never happened?


  1. This post was awesome. That's all I can say. Wow.

    1. You're awesome! I didn't know you were a Whovian, yaaaaaay!


    Even though I loved each and every aspect of the special, Oh My Gallifrey I'm going to miss him so much. His face is so precious. The big happy face with the sad eyes. And his crazy limbs. And his real hair. And all of the acting talent (okay I'm going to stop now).

    And I loved Tennant and Hurt and Piper and Coleman. Like duh. Clara has become so important, it's mental.

    As excited as I am for Capaldi, don't you think there really should have been another series with Eleven after this episode since no other Doctor can show hope like he does?

    Christmas *sniff*

    I actually liked the Graham Norton episode. No it wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be, but Tennant was funny and I LURVE Matt's hair now (okay seriously stopping) and the Matt doppelganger who I'm going after if I don't get the original (Done! Done!).

    Here's to us being equally crazy at the 100th Anniversary Special :D

    1. Do you think I'll ever stop anyone who's gushing over Matt Smith? Yeah, he's perfection. And his hair now almost looks better than before (aaaalmost).

      I would've loved another series with Eleven but I guess it's just time for him to go now - Tennant had 3 series, and so has he now. I'm definitely less sceptic towards Capaldi than I was towards Matt when Tennant was leaving.

      Both Smith and Tennant were awesome in the Graham Norton show but I think that other guy was unnecessarily rude towards the Whovians (and so was Norton himself, at times). Perhaps I'm not getting English humour... but since I normally do, I think that's not the case.

      I'm counting the days until the 100th already!

  3. Brace yourself. I know it's just an honor to be nominated, but....are you sitting? YOU'RE BEING GIVEN THE SUNSHINE AWARD!!! Seriously though, you're doing some great work on this blog, so take a break, have a little fun and bask in the glory of your awesomeness!

  4. This post is absolute perfection! I can't even express the awesomeness of all the things you picked how like Billie Piper, the boy band ending, David Tennant, and Peter Capaldi. Great post!! :)

    1. Thank you, Katy! There seem to be more blogging Whovians than I thought!


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