Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Gold Rush | The ALASKAthon

The Gold Rush is the last new-to-me film in the ALASKAthon, which means that my gap year is coming closer. This, I hope, is a good enough excuse for this review being somewhat rushed. There really aren't enough hours in the day, especially when in some of them, you get to see your friends for the last time in a year.

It might interest you that my aversion towards silent films has lessened quite a bit during the last year. From vehemently stating that "I hate silent films" to finding them okay to actually finding myself enjoy them once in a while, I have undergone what some call "a snobformation". Jokes aside, Chaplin delivers another heart-felt and fun comedy on a serious enough topic in this film. He once more shows off his physical skills and talent for physical comedy, while the story - of course - isn't complicated at all. The sets are amazing and the pieces that were actually filmed in real snow are rather impressive too. Sadly, Chaplin outshines most of the other actors, and the girl in particular doesn't get a very important or rememberable role. His "cabin friend" makes for a funny side character though, and he and Chaplin play off each other very well.

I'm happy I watched The Gold Rush, since it makes for an interesting change in the many recent films I watched for this blogathon. It seems that Alaska was never very popular among filmmakers but Chaplin saw its charm already in the dawn of the days of filmmaking. Again, I'm sorry if this review seems rambly and short. There was no other way.


How capturing/ engaging/ interesting is the film? (out of 5 northern lights)

How gorgeous does the film - or the Alaska in it - look? (out of 5x Timothy Treadwell's hair)

How much does the film itself make you want to go to Alaska? (out of 5 sledges)

1925 • USA • English

director Charles Chaplin
author Charles Chaplin
★ Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray


  1. I'm glad you liked the film and that you are opening up to silent films. While I am for from being a "silent film snob" (I enjoy the modern superhero actionfests as much as the next guy), I do know that there are movies out there that most people would like if they would just give them a chance, whether it's foreign language films or silent films. I once worked with a woman who refused to watch any black and white film - just absoutely refused. I couldn't even get her to watch Casablanca.

    And since I'm human, I can't resist recommending some other silent films you may or may not have seen:

    Dramas: The Passion of Joan of Arc and The Last Command
    Comedies: Safety Last! and Our Hospitality
    Others: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, and Metropolis

  2. I loved this movie! I'm not normally a fan of silent movies but this one was just so much fun with lots of great scenes. I really liked the part where the Lone Prospector gets stuck in the cabin with three other guys and tries to survive by cooking and eating his boot.


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