Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's time for your FEEDBACK

Being a platform for discussion and exchange of views and opinions, a blog is something that should be influenced by not only its author, but also - and especially - by its readers.

Every time I take the time to brainstorm and think of new ideas for this establishment, I am often strongly influenced by my readers, who in fact are the essence of this blog. Without you, I would soon loose interest in the sometimes not so easy work of blogging - that has become an important part of my everyday life.

However, now is the time to be completely open, and make room for your ideas and opinions of any sort - it is time for your concrete feedback. 
Don't be afraid of sharing negative criticism, which is the most helpful kind; speak your mind and tell me and the world, what you think of Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions.

Be it fisticuffs or applause, any comment is appreciated and much wanted.
I hereby declare this bazar open!


  1. Nobody is replying here, I guess your blog is perfect!

    I personally have no complaints about the design or your content. Except maybe the only thing I'd like to see is more frequent posts. :)

    Maybe you should submit your blog to the LAMB's Blog Blustering Feature to get some critique from strangers to your blog.

    1. Thank you so much, that was a very heartwarming comment :).
      I'm trying to write more frequently, and normally when I want something I get it - so hopefully this is another mission that is going to go well.
      I will look out for that LAMB thing...

  2. "I hereby declare this bazar open". That line made me smile, from 90 year birthday, right? ( :

    I like your monthly round-ups with ratings of everything watched, I often find new films to check out in those posts!

    1. Yes, one of my favorite lines ever! Thank you Chris, I'm happy you have nothing to criticize either.

  3. I'd say the same as Chris and Tristesse when it comes to the design of your blog - there is nothing that really needs to be changed, as it is very clean, easy to work around, etc. The only thing I would say which is totally not a criticism at all is the beige colour is not my thing, but it might be for other people. Still, I think it works, so that's cool!

    On the frequent blogging front, I can't really say anything on that since it takes me centuries as it is to get something up on my own blog...

    I'll always champion the very clich├ęd - but so true - saying of quality and not quantity, and since all your posts are quality, I can't say anything against that either.

    1. I'll be smiling happily for the rest of the evening - thank you :).
      Well, the colourr is supposed to be "golden", but I don't know... I kinda like it. Maybe I'll change it sometime, but I think I'll keep the header and the rest of the layout, because I love it.

  4. Your blog is so clean and lovely...I love it.

    And what you do with your pictures, too.

    I just love your blog.

    A lot.

    I don't really know what else to say, because it is pretty much perfect.


    1. And THANK YOU too, Stevee :D. I'm a happy garden dwarf right now... okay, weird expression.


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